Soccer Stadium

CINCINNATI. All signs point to the West End for a brand new soccer stadium. Even detractors are starting to acknowledge the unavoidable though they aren’t going down quietly. Another public rally in resistance to building a football stadium in the West End was set for Wednesday night in front of Taft High School. They hope to keep up the neighborhood pressure and get the best possible guarantees from a Community Benefits Agreement. Their efforts come amid quite strong allegation that the West End stadium site will be stamped approved early next week, probably Monday. Major League Soccer executives meet Tuesday to talk expansion, and they control the game clock.

My belief and my understanding is that this next deadline from MLS with regards to will Cincinnati will win the franchise As part of the round, that this deadline coming up next week from MLS is a real deadline, said councilor PG Sittenfeld this afternoon. He’d Originally opposed a stadium in the West End, but declared his support for it last Friday which tipped the balance in favor of the site. Mayor John Cranley has a majority, barely, but he’s it so Long as Councilman Chris Smitherman remains solid, that he’s so far. The majority also depends upon gratifying Councilman Jeff Pastor’s demand which have in writing the particular benefits for the West End.

But we’ve great news, Pastor said Wednesday afternoon. I have been in talks with reps from FC Cincinnati and we are working extraordinarily hard.”. Despite vocal and demonstrative resistance, school leaders unanimously agreed Tuesday night to swap land with FC Cincinnati which left the final step for city lawmakers such as David Mann, who told us, You know, we can Have a special meeting to meet MLA’s schedule which we do not control.”. Councilman Wendell Young will vote no and encourage opponents to keep the heat turned up high. It is probably the only way that individuals who traditionally aren’t listened to could make their voices heard, stated Young. Among some opponents, there’s now a go down with the ship sense, a resigned feeling that there’s no longer a way to block approval. The Lindners, the Farmers, the Smiths, recited activist Berta Lambert to Council today.

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