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French football team is the most competitive football team in international football. France is a multi cultural country and that the national team comprises French football players of all roots and playing styles. French football team is renowned for their tradition playing style which includes strong defense and lot of common sense. French football team won that the FIFA world cup in 1998 and prestigious European Championship in 2000. French football era can be divided into Platinum age and Zidane age. As a football player, he began his career by the age of 17. His remarkable performance in the club games opened that the gates for him in that the national team in 1976.

By 1977, Platini has been known as that the rising star in French football. Soon he has been appointed as the captain of French football team and he managed to enhance that the French record in FIFA world cup. He has been the top goal scorer and has been announced as that the best player of that the tournament in the year 1984 Euro cup. Michel Platini is on that the top of that the list in French football players. Zinedine Zidane has been born on 23 June in 1972 in Marseille. He’s best known as an attacking mid fielder and is considered to be one of the most important players in the world.

He’s a true magician and is probably the best talented player after Pele. Zidane is considered As a genius in French football players. It had been a Result of the perfect technique that the French team won that the world cup finals in 1998. The world champion Brazilian team were amazed by his game and stood effortless in that the hands of Zidane. They won that the runner up trophy in the year 2006 world cup. Zidane has been also a crucial member of world renowned Spanish club, Real Madrid. The famous acrobatic goal in the year 2001 allowed his team to win that the UEFA Champions League final.

Soon the same year French team was able to win the Euro cup, and therefore This great player became that the first captain in French football players history to win two important trophies in single year. Eric Cantona has been popular, compelling, and brilliant player in French lineup. He played most of his career for Manchester United and almost scored 64 goals in 140 matches. Thierry Henry is another rising star in French football players list. His strategy, incredible speed, nasty shots has made him that the best striker in French squad. The list of French football players is long and never ending. As a football playing nation, that the team has good prospects in that the future. The young players are hard working and commit to stick to the footsteps of Zidane and Platini.

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