Revenge of the Sunfish 2 Preview

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March 6, 2013 by Ezekiel Garcia

Revenge of the Sunfish 2Revenge of the Sunfish was a 2007 indie game that polarized the handful of gamers that checked it out. Not because the title was a gamer changer, but because it offered up dozens of sequential WTF moments. Creator Jacob Buczynski is in the process of rolling out Revenge of the Sunfish 2.

Buczynski has been working on this since 2008, following the release of his unique take on Asteroids called Pasta Master. Judging by the screenshots for Revenge 2, it will still be the same kind of LSD gamer trip. Buczynski says on his website, “It’s intended to be a larger and more interconnected than the original game.” He also states, “There will contain 1000 different in-game tunes,” which are all composed by the developer himself. Adding to the insanity, Buczynski has enlisted inspiration from his “dream diary.” He says he has kept it for more than five years. Rest assured, Jacob Buczynski has put a lot of effort into making Revenge of the Sunfish 2 a much more unforgettable experience.

Sadly, there is yet to be a release date for Revenge of the Sunfish 2. “I don’t know when it will be completed,” Buczynski writes, “I’m not yet satisfied with the game’s structure i.e. all the multiple paths have not yet been filled out.” He has, however, released a demo at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, which has received high praise by the people who played it.

Jacob Buczynski has been creating video games solo since 2006 under the banner of Bizarre Wound Studios. They are characterized by their extremely low quality graphics, and gameplay that is surprisingly addictive.

He is shooting for a release in three months, but no one knows how long it will take him to release the sequel. When the time comes, gamers everywhere will certainly brace themselves for the guaranteed insanity. Help us all.

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