Skyrim Patch 1.9 In Beta – Going Legendary

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March 5, 2013 by solomonlutze

Dragonborn DLCBethesda announced through their blog yesterday that a new patch for Skyrim is available now on steam. There are two main draws to the patch. The first is a “Legendary” difficulty setting that will give even seasoned Dragonborns a reason to be on edge. The second is the ability to make any of your skills “Legendary” after they’ve been raised to 100. Making a skill “Legendary” resets it to 15 and refunds to you any perks you might’ve invested in it. This adds a couple of interesting elements to the game. It allows you to go through the fun of re-training a well-loved skill. It also allows you to gain levels from a skill you’ve already maxed, which in turn gives you extra perks and stat increases. By extension, the level cap in the game — normally hit when all skills are maxed — has been completely removed. Power gamers will likely be very interested in this.

Having played around with the new ability a little, it’s more useful and interesting than you might expect. Making my Illusion skill Legendary gave me back a couple of poorly-spent perks, and the extra perks I spent leveling it up again gave me some more room to play around with Pickpocket: a skill I’d always been interested in but never explored in depth. On a related note, I don’t know why you’d offer to train people to be good pickpockets if you’re planning to carry the money they paid you for that training in your pocket.

Skills like Illusion are the best ones to make Legendary. Making Smithing legendary might be a less wise choice, since it takes a lot of grinding (literally) to improve again, and is relatively uninteresting without the perks and skill levels.

Those who picked up Dragonborn can already empty a skill tree of its perks for the modest price of one dragon soul. Still, this change opens up a lot in the game, and can help bring life back into a character you thought had dead-ended around level 50. Plus, it’s a patch, so if you own Skyrim it’s, y’know… free.

Make sure to back up your old pre-patch save games first (this patch is in beta, after all).

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