10 Games that Need a Next Gen Sequel: Part 2 of 2

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March 5, 2013 by Tony the Gamer Dad

The wait is over. Here is the second half of the 10 Games that Need a Next Gen Sequel. And if you missed the first half… check it out!


The original game:

Choosing one of three monsters to control (a giant ape, a Godzilla-like lizard, or a giant were-wolf), players work there way across the screen destroying all the buildings in order to proceed. This formula repeats for 128 screens with various military troops and vehicles showing up to try to end your Rampage. Addictive, fast paced, and giving every kid the ability to experience being King Kong, this game sucked down many of this guy’s quarters.

Why it deserves a sequel:

I am well aware of the many sequels this game already has… but none of them come close to the original. This is one of those games that is just begging for a proper sequel. Besides…don’t you want to be a giant monster knocking down buildings?

How the sequel should go:

This game almost creates itself because the core gameplay should remain the same. The only thing this game really needs is to go full 3D. Imagine The Incredible Hulk game but now you are controlling a giant monster. Add in the destructible environments from Red Faction and you have a combination for a good time. On top of the original 3 monsters I would include several new ones, possibly homages to other famous movie monsters like Gamera or Mothra. Include an online leaderboard for tracking high scores and destruction streaks.


The original game:

E.V.O. the Search for Eden is a side scrolling action game with a twist. Instead of remaining the same form as in other games of the genre, you can “evolve” into other forms. Starting out as a lowly fish, you can wind up a mighty lion, a flying dinosaur, or even a mermaid! Fighting for survival, evolving stronger and stronger forms, and gobbling up every inferior species. The game brings Darwin’s theory to life. Despite the kid friendly design there are many deep moments that really hit you in the gut.

Why it deserves a sequel:

Much like Sim Earth, which I gushed over in the first half of this list, the idea of using evolution as a game mechanic is too great to pass up. The first game barely scratched the surface of what this series could become.

How the sequel should go:

Tasked with finding the fabled land of Eden, evolution would start smaller. Begin as an amoeba, evolve into a fish, and really open the options of evolution. Expanding upon the first game’s choices, the sequel will allow more forms, more unique additions, and several sizes not seen before. The tag line for this game is…more, more, more!


The original game:

A single player 1-on-1 fps game pitting your giant mech suit versus alien monsters. Your suit comes equipped with three guns that you can arm with various ammo from missiles to cannon balls. Very few people have played this gem and that is just a shame. Fast, gory, and full of a surprising amount of strategy, this game needs a sequel on next gen consoles…yesterday!

Why it deserves a sequel:

Most of us are tired of FPS featuring generic soldiers versus other generic soldiers. This game is giant mechas taking on alien monsters. Imagine huge multiplayer matches featuring all out, limb obliterating, action.

How the sequel should go:

Expand on the original idea and include more enemies to face off with. More weapons, include a mecha editor, and add the ability to play as the aliens, too. Of course, an extensive multiplayer is a must have.


The original game:

In Actraiser, you play as God. A severely weakened God, but God none the less. After a defeat in battle, you hide away in your sky temple to recover. You need to return to the world, renew the peoples’ faith in you, and defeat 7 evil beings. The way to begin your mission is to direct a cupid-like angel to kill various monsters in a top-down shooter. Utilize several powers like earthquakes and lighting to help villagers solve problems or reshape the land. All these actions help earn you faith from the local populace. Earn enough faith and gain enough power to face the evil ruler of that area. It then changes to a 2D side scrolling action sequence where you control an angel knight with a big sword.

Why it deserves a sequel:

1 part Populous, 1 part Wizards and Warriors: this game blended two unique elements together to create a game many people fondly remember. If the prospect of literally playing God isn’t enough, this game was equally challenging and rewarding.

How the sequel should go:

Unlike Actraiser 2, Actraiser 3 would bring back the village raising sections. Taking a cue from Dark Cloud, the system would be even deeper with various rewards and bonus content being hidden within this mode. Extra weapons, a few new spells, and this sequel is on its way to becoming a sick next gen title.


The original game:

A straight up side scrolling beat ‘em up, 3 ex-cops take the law into their own hands and feet with a vow to clean up the streets. Featuring typical beat ‘em up mechanics (walking left to right, 1 slow guy, 1 fast guy, 1 balanced guy, pallet swapped enemies), it didn’t do anything special, but it still remains an incredibly satisfying game. Nothing gets the blood rushing like fighting off a gang of thugs with a sliver of life remaining while desperately hoping the next screen has a chicken to refill your life bar.

Why it deserves a sequel:

Side scrolling beat ‘em ups are a dying breed, but at their height, this was one of the best titles available. Simple yet surprisingly deep, this game brings everything good about this genre to one game. Most beat ‘em ups contained overpowered enemies or huge swarms meant to overwhelm you, but this game did everything right. Sadly, the sequels (especially 3) were major letdowns… so we need a next gen sequel to redeem this great game.

How the sequel should go:

Ignoring the second and third game, this sequel takes place right after the credits of Streets of Rage 1. New characters would join the classic roster with plenty of hidden allies to unlock. The game could cover 5 different cities with each playing as a self-contained game (Storyline, bosses, enemies, and ending unique to each city) with DLC cities available in the future.

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