Fallout 4: More or Less

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February 26, 2013 by khrisgolder

Fallout Games_2
Even the industry’s largest, most beloved franchises need some daring tweaks from one sequel to the next. There are a billion things that can be done to make a game better. Most of these improvements can be systematically whittled down to just two things: more or less.

In this edition of More or Less, GamerCheese goes through the Fallout series in hopes that Fallout 4 will be better than New Vegas, more or less:


Fallout WeaponsMore Weapon Customization

Fallout needs to take a cue from Dead Space 3 and Battlefield 3 and add more weapon customizations. In Fallout: New Vegas, they included Weapon Mod parts. It was a great addition to our wasteland arsenal, but we wanted to see more than just some simple add-ons or mods. In Fallout 4, it would be incredible to see more options to personalize your post-apocalyptic survival tools.

Fallout SurvivalMore Survival Gameplay

Never thought that it would be easy to deal with the perils of dehydration, starvation, and sleep deprivation until Fallout: New Vegas. It didn’t take long until regular intervals of eating, drinking, and sleeping became a natural pit stop on the road to Lucky 38. As a natural glutton for in-game punishment, let’s take the survival to the extreme. Not to a point where the survival impedes in-game progress at every moment, but how about zones that amplify the damage done by environmental hazards. We want to see situations that force the player to choose between travelling through a DeathClaw infested region or a windy desert that speeds up the dehydration meter. It would make Fallout 4 feel like the most environmentally dangerous Fallout to date.

Fallout Games_1More Players

I think it’s time to see a little bit of multiplayer in Fallout. If not basic co-op missions that lets the player team up with a partner to scavenge buildings for scraps, we want to see a fully integrated multiplayer mode that really gives players a true taste of the wasteland. The drawback behind any multiplayer or co-op is the potential loss of story (and none of us want that) and VATS would obviously be disabled. Still, imagine how scary the wasteland would be if you knew, at any moment, a neighbor might kill you for your bottle of water. It would also give wastelanders a reason to find super hidden areas to stash valuables.

Fallout CompanionsMore Character Classes and Exclusives

Bethesda has proven that they know how to execute in-depth character classes with The Elder Scrolls. It’s about time that Fallout fans get a taste of what it’s like to control a variety of character choices. What if you were a recluse Ghoul, a beastly Super Mutant, or a member of the Enclave or Brotherhood? Each character could have unique perks that go beyond S.P.E.C.I.A.L. with greater depth than level upgrades. Certain classes get to wield power armor or energy weapons because of formal training. The Super Mutant has amazing strength but is technologically useless. The Ghoul has amazing stealth because his Personality is overlooked by most wastelanders. There is plenty of room for growth in the character classes and exclusive abilities, and hopefully Fallout 4 explores these options.

Fallout SprintingMore Running

Your character can withstand massive doses of radiation, but he still can’t sprint?

Fallout UnderwaterMore Underwater Rewards

Back in the day, water in games meant instant death. At best, the game let you surface swim. It’s a preconditioned curiosity to want to explore any game that lets you go underwater. Unfortunately, there’s barely anything at the bottom of any body of water. As much debris as there is on the surface of the wasteland, you mean to tell me that the waterbeds in Fallout are spotless? Fallout 4 needs more rewards for players who are willing to hold their breath just to say they explored every inch of the game.


Fallout GlitchLess Glitches

There isn’t enough space on the web to talk about all the glitches in the Fallout series. Gameplay, game sequences, companion bugs, translucent landscape, un-droppable quest items (after the quest is complete), dead quests, and random angry villagers are just the top of the Nuka Cola bottle of problems. Less glitches seems like too much to ask, but Fallout 4 desperately needs less bugs than the previous Fallout installments.

Fallout Empty RoomLess Empty Rooms

We don’t mind empty wasteland, but it’s annoying to walk into several vacant houses and suffer through the loading screen when we didn’t need to go inside in the first place. Perhaps this is Bethesda’s attempt at providing a dynamic so that when players do find items, they feel accomplished. However, it feels more like a situation of the classic gamer’s dilemma of real vs. fun. Fallout 4 needs less empty rooms!

Fallout StorageLess Restriction on What Items can be Stored

I can pick up a dead enemy’s head, but I can’t put it in my backpack? Imagine the perk of latching three decapitated deathclaw heads onto your belt buckle to frighten away lower level thugs. It seems like if an item can be picked up by holding the action button, it should be available for storage in your inventory. Hopefully, Fallout 4 will have less restriction on what items can be stored in your inventory.

Fallout Useless CompanionsLess Useless Companions

Either make certain companions less useless or give the player less companions. No matter what skillset the player chose in Fallout: New Vegas, there were numerous companions that forever remained ignored. Whether it was because their backstory was lame or their skillset was boring. Players just don’t need characters that match perfectly with S.P.I.E.C.A.L. because it’s just too hard to keep some of them alive long enough to enjoy their perks. Sometimes less is more.

Fallout BoggingLess Bogging

It’s hard to ask for this one because it happens when so much is going on in the game. There are times in Fallout when the Menu options slow down. Quests become harder and harder to cycle through as the game progresses. The action in the game slows down because there are too many loose items in the area. A room filled with items and dead enemies will lock up, reset, and all the objects in the room shake and rattle (sometimes even launch across the room). Again, it’s hard to ask for this one because the answer to this usually means taking searchable bodies/items away from the player, and we don’t want that either. We just want Fallout 4 to have less obnoxious bogging!

Fallout Unique WeaponLess Wannabe “Unique” Weapons

What’s the only thing worse than not getting a unique weapon at the end of a wild goose chase through the wastelands? Getting a weapon that has a cutesy name with lower stats and calling it unique. Or it’s the same exact weapon, but it has been reskinned (like we didn’t notice). Bethesda has an enormous art team. Use it! Come up with better weapons for Fallout 4!

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