A Pure Pwnage Interview of Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner


February 19, 2013 by Tony the Gamer Dad

Joel FPS Doug GardinerI recently praised Pure Pwnage, and a lot of GamerCheese fans wanted to know more about their team. Hoping to get some insight from the stars of the show, I reached out to several cast members. I was elated when Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner responded back. When I say elated, I mean I was giddier than a school girl. Now, I’m the kind of guy who says he could care less about a person’s celebrity status, but just getting an e-mail from Joel made my entire day. I’ve pondered about just how to present the contents of our initial e-mail exchange, and decided to just print them as they were written. Sure, it may make me look like a bit of a goof, but at least I’m a goof who got an e-mail from a celebrity!

My original e-mail:

Huge fan of Pure Pwnage here looking to get a few questions answered for an
article I’m writing for GamerCheese.com. If I could send you some questions, and you e-mail me back, I’d really appreciate it.

Joel’s response:

Send away

Those two words made my day. Then I sent him a reply with the questions. My wife told me afterward that those questions seemed foolish. If Joel thought so… he didn’t say.

Now for the Interview Q&A with Pure Pwnage’s Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner:

Tony the Gamer Dad: First off, thanks dude! Who actually came up with the phrase Boom! Head shot?

Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner: Being huge gamers now and when we started filming Pure Pwnage the majority or our dialog was improvised on the spot.

Tony: Do you plan on acting in anything else or was Pure Pwnage just something that happened?

Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner: I have a couple of projects that I will be filming this year (aside from the Pure Pwnage movie) including “The Death of Gary Goldwater” which is currently in the process of raising funds through the crowd sourcing site indiegogo… It’s a short film I wrote a couple of years back and will be collaborating with Olan Rogers (Pop Rocket, New Prime) and Clinton Jones (Cardboard Warfare, Sleeping Dogs, etc.) on it.

Tony: It looks really funny! Are you all really friends or just work friends?

Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner: I was actually friends with Jarett and Geoff for many years before Pure Pwnage existed. We had all been into film for quite a while before that initial footage of Jeremy was recorded.

Tony: Will episode 19 ever get made?

Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner: The majority of episode 19 was filmed and actually has been released in two or three separate clips on YouTube including “Jeremy’s World” and the tag scene with Doug. You can find them all over on the official Pure Pwnage YouTube page.

Tony: How did you get involved in Zombie apocalypse: Never Die Alone?FPS Doug_Zombie Apocalypse Never Die AloneJoel “FPS Doug” Gardiner: The creators of the game were big fans of the show and got in contact with us asking if we wanted to bring our characters over to their universe. To actually be in a video game was amazing! I mean I’ve seen tributes to the FPS Doug character in other games but actually working on it is a totally different story.

Tony: Do you like being famous?

Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner: Uh…not going to lie it definitely feels pretty damn good when someone comes up to you explaining how much you changed their life just from the entertainment you have brought them, but that was never any of our goals. Writing and filming has always been a passion of mine so whatever comes out of that passion is just bonus. I would be doing this shit whether or not it made me famous.

Tony: Do you actually say Boom! Head shot during game sessions?

Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner: Maybe not with the same cadence as a FPS Doug would deliver it, but I won’t lie and say that those words have never escaped my mouth while playing an intense round on Black Ops lol. That’s when I have to sit back and have a good laugh at myself :)

Tony: What games are you playing now and what are some all-time favorites?

Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner: Playing a lot of Black Ops 2, still mess around in Minecraft from time to time. Indie games like Anti Chamber get me super excited. Love smaller companies coming out with all these great arcade titles like Journey, The Cave, Skulls of the Shogun, etc. All-time favorites is a harder question due to the fact that I would have to go back through 20 years of games lol.

Well, there it is folks, my chat with FPS Doug. He may not be inviting me over for Thanksgiving dinner, but at least he was willing to chat with a fan!

One thought on “A Pure Pwnage Interview of Joel “FPS Doug” Gardiner

  1. Tony the Gamer Dad says:

    It looks like the link in the article is broke but here is Joel’s indigogo campaign…http://www.indiegogo.com/garygoldwater

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