Top 5 Locations for Another Fallout Game


February 7, 2013 by Ezekiel Garcia

Fallout Games_1With rumors circulating that the next Fallout might take place in Boston, I took the liberty of becoming a Fallout tour guide, counting down the top five places that would be nice to see in Fallout’s post-apocalyptic world. Here are the top 5 locations for another Fallout game.

Fallout Games_225. Miami Metropolitan Area (The Gold Coast Wasteland) – Fallout: The Gateway

Florida might not be the first choice for exploring in a nuclear winter, but in a lot of ways, it would make sense, in both a historical and cultural aspect. Florida was threatened by nukes during the Cuban missile crisis, and it would be neat to see how that could play into the setting. Also, it’s a diverse culture, from Hispanic architecture to Southern charm, it can make for a diverse world to explore. Much like New Vegas, it could once again be a feud between warring factions. The Cuban world power attempts to overthrow the remaining American influence. Here would be a magnificent new art direction, going from an old 1950’s Cold War to a more 80’s flare.

Fallout Games_24. Southern Arizona/Mexico (The Sonoran Wasteland) – Fallout: The Border

Allowing the Vault Dweller to cross into Mexico’s borders has the potential to take the Fallout experience to a whole new level. Since it is heavily implied that Caesar’s Legion has its best warriors camped in Arizona, it could give the player a full grasp of what it would be like to live in a land controlled by the nefarious tribe. Human trafficking could play a large part, and can hit close to home when it could potentially involve watching the Legion grab slaves from across the border. It would lose its charm, especially since the Southwest is easily the most explored place in the history of the Franchise. Either way, it could be a cool new chapter of the never-ending power struggle between the NCR and the Legion.

Fallout Games_33. Metro Detroit (The Motor City Wasteland) – Fallout: The Last Great Lake

A highly industrialized area surrounded by the remaining puddles of the once Great Lakes would make for a great Fallout to explore. Visiting buildings that were once home to some of the largest car companies in the United States could add a sense of surrealism that Fallout games love to pull off. Also, the area shares a border with Canada, creating a whole new experience of international exploration, giving players a taste of the effects of Nuclear War on another country. The change in climate also adds change to the series, with the potential for snow to fall, and even make some areas harder to explore than others. A land that was once an industrial powerhouse reduced to a jungle of steel and junk. Meanwhile, everyone is fighting over the Lake Erie territory: the last remaining great lake that was mysteriously untouched by the fallout. It could make for a grim and haunting experience.

Fallout Games_42. Texas (The Lone Star Wasteland) – Fallout: The Lone Star

Here is a place that has limitless potential. It is in a dry environment with a history of gunfights and train robberies. There’s no doubt that it could be the biggest Fallout to date. A Wild West setting would be emphasized more than New Vegas, creating a world where everything is up for grabs. Red Dead Fallout. Gangs run amok on the dirt streets, towns are under constant threat by the fat cat landowners who run the show behind their backs, and gunfights will be more abundant, especially when there are people who the player’s head. How about an epic civil war over oil: one of the last remaining viable natural resources in the Fallout universe. Featuring an American flag with only a single star, Fallout: Lone Star State would be an awesome experience.

Fallout Games 51. New York (the Empire Wasteland) – Fallout: New America

The place where the UN gets together. The place where Times Square is always busy and where the Stock Market plays a vital role in the national economy. Social class and culture seamlessly melt together, and then melt away in a Fallout apocalypse. Now, a vault dweller that comes out of his/her hellish home digs his way out from the rubble of once-standing skyscraper to see the streets empty. Only a few people can help, and the rest want his/her head. There is nothing more personal than seeing a place that is full of life, turned into a wasteland. New York is an ideal place to explore. From a helpful homeless man to a mob boss who wants it all: there is no question New York is perfect for the Fallout universe.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Locations for Another Fallout Game

  1. All 5 would be perfect! Can’t wait for it I really cant.

  2. My vote goes to NY. But even if it is Boston, I have no doubt it will be an amazing game.

  3. mathiasnking says:

    Richmond (River City Wasteland): Fallout: The New Common Wealth. Multiple cities within a 60 mile radius, multiple army and naval bases within the same vicinity (Newport, Virginia Beach, US Defense Supply Center Richmond), there is a Federal Reserve Bank (one of 12) and a wealth of parks and nature reserves. The story could bridge from Fallout 3 (98 miles south of DC). It was the birthplace of Ironclad ships during the Civil War and became the capital of the Confederacy after Virginia seceded so they could play on that. A strange pick I know, but it was one of the first English settlements in the United States and has adapted ever since.

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