Homesick Interview, Lucky Pause’s Morgan Wyenn and Barrett Meeker

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February 6, 2013 by khrisgolder

HomesickLucky Pause’s Homesick is making waves on Kickstarter. Here to speak with GamerCheese are Lucky Pause’s very own Morgan Wyenn and Barrett Meeker.

Khris Golder: Barrett has mentioned his interest in making nonviolent video games. Is this going to be something we can expect from all Lucky Pause games?

Morgan Wyenn: For our first game, we are interested in creating a game that isn’t centered around violence, but that said, we are not opposed to thoughtfully including violence in games, as part of their storytelling.  But at this point, it does seem like the gaming industry has the violence experience pretty well covered, and we are interested in exploring other expressions and stories.

KG: The Kickstarter project has funded, and now it’s moved onto stretch goals up to and including the development of a prequel unlock at the end of the game. How does it feel knowing that over 400 people have invested in such a short amount of time?

Morgan Wyenn: It has been absolutely amazing. We are both completely blown away by the amount of support we have received so far. We feel incredibly grateful to everyone that has backed this project, and also to those that tweeted, posted about the game on discussion forums, gave us some likes, sent us encouraging messages! We of course were hopeful that we could reach our minimum goal, and we had seen other games on kickstarter go way beyond their goal, but we honestly still feel so surprised and thrilled that our kickstarter has done so well so far. We are in total awe that strangers, people we’ve never even met, from all around the country, are taking the time to check out our project, and to spend their hard-earned money to help get this game made.

KG: Did you ever think the game would reach pledge goals so quickly?

Morgan Wyenn: No, definitely not. This first week of our kickstarter campaign has been a wild ride, going way faster than we ever imagined.

KG: Homesick is a point and click puzzle game. The main character struggles with their view on the grounds, feeling embraced in the daytime and entrapped at night. Barrett expressed his interest in keeping the story itself a secret, but what inspired/influenced the story behind the game?

Homesick_2Morgan Wyenn: There are several themes, or ideas, underpinning much of the story of the game, that we find to be compelling, intriguing parts of the human experience. We are interested in exploring these ideas through the storytelling of an adventure game.

KG: Morgan, what’s your gaming history? There’s a significant difference between representing a non-profit and representing an indie game project! I want to know what motivates you to want to keep two very different hats in your wardrobe.

Morgan Wyenn: I actually have very little experience with gaming. My sister and I would totally rock out sometimes playing video games as kids, but since then I honestly haven’t been that engaged with gaming. But then I met Barrett and was totally inspired by his view of video games as an artistic medium, that has a unique ability to bring the audience into the story in a very literal way. Launching this company with Barrett has been a really fun adventure so far. I love my day job and never want to leave it, but working on this game has been a blast. Barrett is probably blushing with embarrassment as I say this, but he is a genius, and I would honestly partner with him for any endeavor he had his heart set on.

KG: This game must have a powerful story in order for both of you to believe in it so much.

Morgan Wyenn: Ya, totally. I think the story, and the visual experience, of this game will be very universal. We have heard a lot of people say that they would be interested in playing this game even though they don’t have much experience or even interest in playing video games generally. Creating something that is accessible to a lot of people is definitely part of our goal, for experienced gamers and newcomers alike to find it to be a great way to spend a few hours.

Homesick_1Barrett Meeker: Yes, it started as a pretty simple story and idea, it had to be something we were sure we could do really well. Although Homesick’s story started as a simple story, as we’ve spent time on the game, the mechanics, and the art, the story has crystallized. I think it’s the perfect story for us and for this game.

KG: Thanks for stopping by guys! For the first time ever, we can’t wait to get Homesick!

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