Dodging Bullets: The Most Likely Reason for the GTA V Delay

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February 6, 2013 by khrisgolder

GTA V Cover_1Contributed by Tony the Gamer Dad

Gamercheese recently talked about the GTA V delay, which is now scheduled for a release date of September 17th. The official reason is that Rockstar needs to polish them game further to live up to the expectations of gamers. Most of us know by now GTA V will never live up to our expectations because we simply expect the world. Secondly, the timing f the announcement seemed very odd to many (myself included), leading to a small conspiracy theory about the true nature of the delay.

Most people seem to think the delay is in response to the upcoming next gen systems. This caused Rockstar Games to release an official statement denying this was the case. Most people don’t seem to buy it, but I do. You see, the delay isn’t about next gen consoles… it’s about violence and America’s youth!

After the tragic events at Sandy Hook, Senator John Manchin of West Virginia suggested that we ban the sale of violent video games. He specifically pointed out the GTA series and the upcoming GTA V as being the kind of games that need to be banned. That was back in December, but more recently a Connecticut Senator outright blamed violent games for destroying the moral fabric of America. This, along with Vice President Joe Biden looking into violent games and there affect on young minds has to be Rockstar’s main motivator behind the GTA V delay.

Like every controversy before it, this current war on violent games will blow over. Moving back the release of GTA V means that Rockstar Games and GTA V will not be the hot topic. Instead, upcoming games like Crysis 3, Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel, and Gears of War: Judgment sit in the crosshairs. All three of these games will likely be hits among gamers and easy targets to out of touch government officials. While a delay might hurt the sales of lesser titles, GTA V sales will not be affected. In fact, the sales of GTA V might actually increase if the controversy surrounding violent games ends by September.

GamerCheese would like to congratulate Rockstar Games on their brilliant strategy. Keep checking back for updates. Remember, if you didn’t see it here first, then it isn’t news you care about.

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