GameStop to Close 500 Stores in 2013


February 3, 2013 by khrisgolder

GameStop2012 annual sales figures were recently released, and according to Business Insider, the used game juggernaut is downsizing across the country. At least 500 GameStop stores are potentially closing their doors, and there aren’t too many gamers that are sad to hear it.

In the wake of subpar sales, smear campaigns by rental companies like GameFly, and a general loss of respect by frequent customers, GameStop has been slowly losing business for a while. Many major retailers like Best Buy and Target are already carrying previously owned games. Meanwhile, digital gaming is taking control, and despite the efforts to start selling prepaid Steam gift cards, most gamers are staying away from GameStop.

GameStop’s future becomes bleaker when considering the next Microsoft and Sony consoles may or may not support used games. On top of that uncertainty, Game Stop also has to compete with the rise of online phone games, indie games, and a potential wave of microconsoles set to release over the next year.

This would leave GameStop to the hardcore gamer wolves. The only product they would be able to move would be the Wii U, new games, and outdated titles. When is the last time anyone walked into a GameStop and they made a retro gamer feel welcome? Odds are pretty decent that 500 closed doors will mark the beginning of the death of a long line of absorbed game store outlets (including the once great EB Games).

GameStop isn’t evaporating overnight, but this is definitely a huge ‘I told you so’ in the eyes of many gamers who have become increasingly fed up with poor customer service, overpriced titles, and the general lack of industry knowledge by many GameStop employees.

I have come across a handful of knowledgeable, polite, and even helpful GameStop employees. I hope the stores these employees work at are some of the many stores to remain open.

How do you feel about GameStop closing doors?

9 thoughts on “GameStop to Close 500 Stores in 2013

  1. tonythegamerdad says:

    This is terrible. While it’s true many Gamestop employees are not knowledgable or helpful in any way it didn’t matter because 90% of the time I knew what I wanted before I walked in there. I can’t speak for gaming everywhere but in my city of Chicago if you want a game that isn’t exactly mainstream like COD or Halo you are not going to find it at Wal-Mart or Target. Games like Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which my wife just bought for me a few days ago at Gamestop. Also in my area if you want more than a buck or two for a used game trade in Gamestop is a must. Another Gamestop offers that Wal-Mart or Target don’t is dlc. Yes you could go into Gamestop and get that dlc you wanted despite the lack of home internet. Lastly, Gamestop has one of the last few magazines for gaming left.

    • khrisgolder says:

      GameStop is arguably one of the main reasons why there aren’t more third party used game stores in existence. I guess I’m spoiled because our area has a number of amazing third party used game stores, and I’ve already watched a lot of them close doors the past few years because they cannot compete with GameStop. Besides, GameStop isn’t going away, and I hope they would use this period of adjustment to improve the quality of the other 3,500 stores that will remain open.

  2. I don’t think I’ll really be sad if they close a few here in Michigan. Most of the ones I’ve went into aren’t that great. I have to usually go into full detail of what I want, because it seems like some of the employees have never played a game in their lives. And the funny part is that it’s hard to get a job there, even if you’ve been playing games all your life and have great customer service capabilities. Also, I went in there the other day to see about getting a used controller to modify the case and such, bad idea, they wanted between $40 to $45 for one, really? I could go out and buy a brand new one for $5 more. I’ve always preferred a third party game store, because they are usually always friendly and more knowledgeable, plus you can sometimes find a good deal. Sadly, they are few and far apart.

  3. brianc6234 says:

    The problem is a lot of stores have employees who are good and bad. It’s not like some stores try to force the 360 on you and others don’t. I used to go to one store and it depended on the time I went if I had that problem. I don’t buy many games right now though. I go to Gamestop for games I really want that Best Buy and Target take too long to get. Gamestop seems to get everything right away. I have a PS3 and PS Plus and I’ve been getting so many free or cheap games I don’t need to spend much on games for a while.

  4. I couldn’t be more happy to see Gamestop stores closing because I haven’t come across a store yet that wasn’t staffed by obnoxious, rude, & ignorant brats who have no idea what customer service means.

  5. Gamestop has no direction and they have no idea what customers want, not to mention I know for a fact that at least the northeast region treats its employees like terribly. They’ll reap what they sow. I won’t miss them one bit and will never give them a dime. Rather get more for my money and get my games thought the Microsoft online store or amazon.

  6. Chris Hughes says:

    no i dont want them to close i preorder all my games from there

  7. Gamestop deserves to suffer, cause they would hire a person who doesn’t know the difference between a PS3 and a 360, rather than hire a person who’s been playing games since they were 5.

  8. batman8318 says:

    Let them Go down! They reject your orders online because of a glitch on their part and they do nothing to fix it! They reject orders saying your financial info doesn’t match All the info is right and you call their customer service and they tell you that it is an error on their part and they cant do anything to fix it??? Are you kidding me? They are rejecting orders / money because of a glitch in their system that they refuse to fix? The guy said go to your local Gamestop… Well its not convenient for everyone to just stroll down to a local Gamestop.. Let them burn for their lack of support and help. They have no accountability for their online employees whatsoever! No Id or nothing. They can be as rude as they want to and you cant complain about it. A company that operates like this should lose all of its business. The fact that they shrug off my business just like that tells me that they already know the end is at hand. Its funny that in my research on this there is has been many others like me who have ordered for years and all of a sudden they get kicked from their system over this stupid glitch, I have given Gamestop all of my gaming business and this is how I get treated? Let them close their doors forever as far as I am concerned!.

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