Oh, the Strangest Games I Play

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January 31, 2013 by Ezekiel Garcia

Eternal Darkness_Gamers far and wide have their own taste in video games. Some like the instant gratification found in Call of Duty or Madden. Others prefer a slow, flowing, story-based experience like Mass Effect or Bioshock. There is something to fit everyone’s taste since the industry is so diverse, and it is now easier for people to display new ideas and deep meanings. Games have become both a multi-billion dollar industry, and a medium for artistic expression.

My taste in every form of entertainment is as diverse as it is eccentric. There are certain series of games that I like or don’t like, but at least give them a shot. I can go from Tekken to Eastern Minds: Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. I like to go for the obscure, and explore new territories instead of staying in a little island playing the same series of games over and and over again.

Ironically enough, I trace my bizarre taste in video games when I first played Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem for the Nintendo Gamecube. The game was truly a test off sanity. It caused random events like bugs crawling on the screen, channels changing unexpectedly, and even messages telling the player that their memory card is being erased. It was memorable, and left a lasting impression on me at a very young age.

It can be said that I still seek a rival to Eternal Darkness, but it isn’t the case. I like to seek things that are different because I like to be different. Not just what I play, but how I write, what I discuss, and in some cases, the way I act. The reason is simple: I just don’t like things that remain the same for a long period of time. For example, Suda51 is a developer who has pushed the boundaries of video game design: better or worse. With the exception of his last few games, they all played differently, and had a unique cast of characters never seen before.

My “bizarre taste” in video games is simply the need to find a new experience. People can’t just eat vanilla without eventually getting bored of it, and repetition doesn’t suit me (unless it’s Dark Souls, where its actually rewarding). I like to be as different as possible from everyone else, and that’s a statement I will take to my grave.

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