Connecticut Senator Blames Video Games for Sandy Hook


January 31, 2013 by dbtg5

Call of DutyIn the wake of the recent Sandy Hook shootings and other acts of violence throughout the country, politicians and citizens have been desperate to uncover a common motive or underlying factor responsible for the events. As with many prior incidents, many major parties have put the blame on violent video games.

Investigators believe the shooter responsible for the Sandy Hook shooting suffered from a personality disorder, and possibly other forms of mental illness. In addition to these personal details, it had also been revealed that the shooter was an avid player of the Call of Duty video game series.

Now, Senator Christopher Murphy (D-Conn.) is blaming video games for giving the shooter a false sense of confidence and familiarity that, he argues, made the shooting possible. His accusations arise in conjunction with a piece of proposed legislation that would ban the sale of assault weapons. Sen. Murphy purports that video games featuring assault weapons instill a sense of reality, priming a base mental layer that motivates, or at least enables, gamers to commit such atrocities.

The notion is not new; video games have been a central target for blame since the Columbine massacre of 1999. Despite contrary evidence, protestors and lawmakers continue to insist that video games can spark aggressive behavior, especially those with a focus on gun violence. With mass shootings still a central problem in the United States, angered audiences are calling for action for both stricter gun control and video game regulations.

Instead of pursuing widespread limitations, bans, censors, and restrictions, this group of individuals is calling on medical professionals and community service providers to join together and find a better solution for those suffering from mental and emotional distress.

Regardless, my prediction is politicians, parents, and endless streams of Internet arguers will continue to bicker over arbitrary details like video game habits instead of focusing on the bigger picture.

2 thoughts on “Connecticut Senator Blames Video Games for Sandy Hook

  1. tonythegamerdad says:

    This is another attempt to skirt the real issue. America is a country built on violence and we wonder why people act violant. Kids are exposed to stories, heroes, and role models that are all violent way before they pick up there first game controller. As young children we are told the story of the 3 Little Pigs, in which the pigs solve their wolf problem by…FIGHTING! The simple fact is everyone likes to consider themselves the “good guy” of their own personal movie and we are taught that good guys fight. Even if you remove guns from this country we will just kill each other in other ways. The key to stopping the violence is simple, proper parental supervision. My kids may play COD games but they know that violence in real life is nothing like that and should never be resorted to. I am proud of the fact that my 14 year old son has never been in a fight, rather he walked away from several confrontations.

  2. dbtg5 says:

    Absolutely! People seem to neglect the presence of violence in every other aspect of our culture.

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