NCAA Football 2014 Cover Vote – Final 8 Schools Make Round 4

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January 26, 2013 by khrisgolder

NCAA Football Cover 2014 Final 8How great are the final 8!

The NCAA Football 2014 Cover votes continue. We last left you with the sixteen cover finalists. Eight teams were eliminated, leaving eight teams to fight for the final four spot in this year’s scramble for the coveted NCAA Football cover. Here are the eight remaining teams (feature picture):

Ohio State
Florida State
Texas A&M
Notre Dame

While Alabama was in a commanding lead in the previous round, Round 4 proves all bets are off! Michigan fans showed up this time to bring their Wolverines into 1st place with a commanding 28,000 votes and counting. Alabama is in a relatively close 2nd with just over 23,000 votes. Texas A&M is trailing far behind with 13,000 votes, and the votes taper off down the line.

It looks like Notre Dame is giving up (again) as they limp in dead last with just shy of 3,800 votes. Alabama was an obvious pack leader for the majority of popular votes, given their performances in back to back years. No one (except maybe Michigan fans) expected the Michigan fans to pull together and push their team to the top of Round 4.

It’s extremely important not to forget that each round’s polling resets. In other words, your vote from last round doesn’t roll over. You should hop on and vote immediately if you want to keep your team from being eliminated (or your rivals from advancing).

Round 4 will be decided in the matter of days, leaving four teams to battle for the head to head spot. Also in the next few days, EA Sports will be announcing via Facebook the chosen athletes who will appear on the NCAA Football 2014 cover to represent their team. If you’re a superstitious football fan — and let’s face it, who isn’t — this is just as important as deciding which team appears on the cover. In recent years, it seems the NCAA Football cover nod has been a blessing as opposed to the dreaded Madden Cover curse.

Robert Griffin III shared the 2013 cover with the great Barry Sanders. RG III went on to turn the struggling Redskins into a playoff caliber team in just one season. Same could be said about boy wonder Tim Tebow who appeared on the NCAA Football 2011 cover and led the Broncos to the playoffs, too (though some might call the Jets trade a curse in itself). The 360 version of NCAA Football 2010 featured Michael Crabtree, currently on track to play in Super Bowl XLVII. Not all cover athletes were blessed. The same year Mark Sanchez was featured on the cover of the PSP version, which should have been a red flag right there.

GamerCheese will post more updates as we get them.

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