Preview: Early Look at Megabyte Punch Trailer

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January 25, 2013 by khrisgolder

Megabyte Punch_1The Megabyte Punch beta trailer is here. Those who have been following our site will notice GamerCheese has been keeping our eye on this quirky action indie title for a while now. Given what we see in Megabyte Punch’s new beta trailer, it looks like their developer, Reptile, is making a number of improvements. It seems to be shaping up quite nicely. Here is an early, almost exclusive look at Megabyte Punch:

In the beta trailer, you can see some good examples of what to expect in the game. It shows the character’s swappable pieces of armor through cycling its limbs and helmet. This can be completed through the item customization menu. The wicked punches on bosses and henchman are all real-time. The trailer is also a good representation of the level design and platform jumping you can expect in the game. The boss fight in the last few seconds of the trailer is the epic Smash Bros. style we were referring to in our interview with Megabyte Punch’s creator Dion Koster. If Link could punch Jigglypuff through fifteen feet of brick.

Megabyte Punch is a much welcomed action platformer that allows the player to customize their character’s armor, which can be created from the pieces of junk that fall off of fallen enemies. The guys behind Megabyte Punch’s developer Reptile have worked on a number of previous projects, but this will be their first full-length, independent project. Megabyte Punch was also listed on Indie Game Magazine’s Most Anticipated Titles of 2013.

Early stages of Megabyte Punch are already available on Desura.

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