Interview: Iron Galaxy Studios, Adam Heart Talks Origins and Darkstalkers Resurrection

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January 24, 2013 by khrisgolder

Iron Galaxy Studios LogoIron Galaxy Studios’ Adam Heart, creator of the infamous parody fighting game Divekick, talks about Marvel Vs Capcom: Origins, and gives Gamercheese an inside look at Darkstalkers Resurrection.

Khris Golder: How excited were the folks at Iron Galaxy Studios when they were approached to take on Marvel Vs Capcom: Origins?

Adam Heart: I wasn’t there when they agreed to do the project, but I can imagine they were excited. Many of the guys at the studio love fighting games, and we have quite a few comic book fans as well. It’s great to work on something you enjoy.

KG: What was it like heading up a project like Marvel Vs. Capcom: Origins?

Adam Heart: I actually came in about half way through the project, but it was really exciting to get to work with properties that I’m so passionate about.Marvel Vs Capcom Origins_1Marvel vs Capcom was my very first competitive fighting game. I played in tournaments in the arcades when it was new, and dropped thousands of dollars in quarters into those machines. To sit in a position where I could help the talented team at Iron Galaxy create an incredible GGPO enabled console version of both Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs Capcom was a really incredible experience.

KG: I bet! What were some of the biggest challenges in constructing and compiling this collection?

Street Fighter III Third Strike Online_1

Street Fighter III: 3SO, another Iron Galaxy Studios revamp

Adam Heart: Even though reviews for 3rd Strike Online were really great, and the GGPO netcode was very responsive, many of the hardcore community members agreed with us that there was room for some improvement. With games like MSH and MvC, which move at a much faster pace than 3s, the team really wanted to go the extra mile and release a fighting title with the best netcode to date. I can confidently say that they succeeded.

KG: Some have said the graphic’s filter in Marvel Vs Capcom: Origins is much better than the Third Strike Online Edition. How much of the Marve Vs Capcom: Origins crew worked on 3SO?

Adam Heart: It is mostly the same team, with a few members swapped out.

KG: How does it feel to win some pretty critical fans over by improving on previous projects?

Adam Heart: Interestingly enough, a lot of care was put into the graphical filters in 3SO. Each character had their own “special blend” of filters that the team felt made them look best. In Marvel Vs Capcom: Origins, a much more general approach was taken. The same filter is applied to each character. I’m really happy to hear that you think it looks great!

KG: The next Iron Galaxy Studios mash-up will be coming when Darkstalkers Resurrection hits Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. For those who didn’t know about this awesome project, Darkstalkers Resurrection is a collection featuring Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3. What does Iron Galaxy Studios have planned for these two titles? Care to give Gamercheese fans a sneak peak?

Darkstalkers Resurrection_1

Adam Heart: I think Darkstalkers fans are in for a real treat here. These versions of the Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3 are as accurate to the arcade as possible, and the ports include GGPO for super precise netplay and great graphics filters once again. I think my favorite feature, however, are the Tutorials in DS3 and Challenges in NW. These fall somewhere between your typical combo trials and a simple tutorial. In these modes, you’ll be able to select a character and learn a few things about your most important combat tools. The Darkstalkers games are fast and furious, and they have quite a learning curve. We hope these modes will help new players understand the games so that they can enjoy competing in two of Capcom’s very best from the arcade fighting generation.

KG: Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for stopping by, Adam.

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