How to Pick Up the Ladies on Xbox Live – A Lesson on Etiquette

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January 22, 2013 by karynwolo

Xbox Live AdviceThere are a shocking number of guys who try to use Xbox Live as a dating scene. I mean, it kind of makes sense: what better way to bond with someone than through a common interest? As a girl gamer, I am constantly being bombarded with random friend requests and lame messages, which got me thinking…

Below are the five things all guys need to stop doing now if they want to score with that seemingly hot gamer chick (who, in real life, probably looks more like Rachel Dratch than Rachel Bilson):

1. Stop making inappropriate emblems. Nowadays, you can personalize just about any character or create an emblem representative of you or something you like. Xbox EmblemAnd yet, with all the choices in the world, it is staggering how many guys choose to portray something either grossly sexual or racist. Thankfully, women have come a long way since the days of fainting at the sight of vulgarity. Instead, we just shake our heads at your immaturity. Don’t bother talking to us. Your childish emblem speaks volumes.

My advice: Try making an emblem that is artistic, fun, and clever.  Everyone takes notice of creativity, and your emblem might even start a fun conversation!

2. Stop sending “Hey” messages. At least once a week, I get the good ol’ “Hey” message sent to my inbox from a stranger, and I’m sure I am not the only one who gets these. No friend request, nothing else… just, “Hey”.  What am I supposed to do with that? Oh wait, I know! Delete.

My advice: Give your message a little substance – a follow-up question works wonders.

3. Stop sending friend requests when you play an entire game with us and never say one word. No one likes to open a mystery box, especially on Xbox Live, and that is exactly what random friend invites are. Delete.

My advice: Don’t send friend requests unless you actually spoke to the person in the game (derogatory comments do not count).

Singing in the Mic4. Stop singing nonsense into the mic. Singing mostly comes from the kiddies, while the more likely option for “adults” is playing some 5 year-old rap song, which is tactfully started after the option to mute has passed. Either way, you’re not cool, you’re annoying.

My advice: mute yourselves so we don’t have to.

5. Stop talking about how amazing you are and how terrible everyone else is. You sound like an idiot.

My advice: Say something useful to help your teammate. You will be surprised at how easily this gets the conversation ball rolling.  Bonus: it might even help you win the game!

Gamer girls and guys: any other advice you can think of that I may have missed?

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