Interview with Megabyte Punch Co-Creator Dion Koster

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January 18, 2013 by khrisgolder

Megabyte PunchTwo guys decided to get together and make a pretty awesome Indie game called Megabyte Punch. I had the opportunity to preview the game, and it’s a mishmash of neat concepts from several different genres. Here to talk about the game is co-creator Dion Koster of Reptile Games.

Khris Golder: First off, Dion. What makes you tick?

Dion Koster: I like making games and playing the blues harp.

KG: Nice! Any crazy hobbies?

Dion Koster: I also dance around whenever I can.

KG: That counts, but it’s only weird if there’s no music. What music gets you pumped?

Dion Koster: My primary influences are hiphop, manga, skate and street culture. I’ve been making games for fun for some time. Then I did a game design course, but it sucked. One thing I got from it was a like-minded teammate and together we started a company, Reptile, to make some dope games.

KG: Good thing, too! Explain the backstory to Megabyte Punch.

Dion Koster: The Megabyte world is like a digital world. It’s inhabited with Megac, who are something like computer beings (very much like what they in reality are, simulated creatures in a computer game). Megabyte Punch_0In this world there are villages, Megac settlements (created) to protect themselves from Lost Megacs who turned wild. One of these villages is Ventu Village. It’s built in a cave held together by a special artifact called the Heartcore. In a struggle for supremacy between the Empire and the Khotep factions, the Heartcore must be protected by you or the village could face destruction.

KG: Sounds pretty epic! How about the gameplay components?

Dion Koster: Megabyte Punch is an electro adventure/fighting game in which you build your own fighter. Every creature in the game is made of separate parts. By destroying enemies you can collect these and use their abilities. There are two main modes, ‘adventure’ and ‘fight’. Adventure is basically the story mode with levels, bosses and your home village with a store to buy parts. The fight mode has a singleplayer tournament where you face off against fighters one after another. There is also the multiplayer mode where you can fight friends if you happen to have some controllers lying around. The adventure mode can be played with multiple players as well.

Megabyte Punch_1

KG: If it runs anything like the boss fights, I know the multiplayer should be pretty addictive. So, Dion, who’s toggling the switches at Reptile Games?

Dion Koster: (I’m) doing programming, animation and design. And Tim Remmers is doing all the art, plus business and some design. Reptile has a third member responsible for the web tech and occasionally does some games, but he’s not involved with Megabyte Punch.

KG: I loved Megabyte, but as I understand it, the game isn’t quite finished.

Dion Koster: The game is in mid-to-late development and will certainly be released sometime this year.

KG: Is this your first full title?

Dion Koster: Tim and I have made several small games before…

Regular Show All Nighter

Regular Show All Nighter is a reskin version of Reptile Game’s Lightwatch

(Dion Continued) …like web games and contest games, but for Reptile as a company Megabyte Punch is the first title that will be sold for a price. It’s also our first title to have quite a lot of hours of gameplay. So in a way, it is our first full-on game.

KG: The boss battles are pretty fun, and will probably remind many gamers of the Super Smash Bros. style. What made you decide that was the best way to go?

Megabyte Punch_2Dion Koster: It was a kind of dream game from the start. A game with super smash bros. style combat and collectible parts so you can customize your own fighter. When we tried it out, the knockback system was much more fun than simple HP, it even felt good to be smacked around! We kept it as a base and built the rest of the game around it. It did pose some problems on how to design levels where you don’t know how high the player can jump or how you can still win a fight in a closed room. But we figured it out eventually.

KG: Glad it worked out because the boss battles are especially rewarding. What made you choose to offer the game on Desura?

Dion Koster: We first put it up on ModDB because we wanted to see what people thought about it. To know which levels or parts they liked and what really ticked them off was great for us, because after working on a game after a while you start to subconsciously ignore obvious issues. When the game became bigger and more fun, the step to sell discount pre-orders with alpha access on Desura was natural, as it is more or less the same system. Megabyte Punch is (also) up on Gamersgate and directly on as well. But our main goal is to get it on Steam, so please vote for us on our Steam Greenlight page!

KG: Done deal! Thanks for stopping by, Dion. Hope you guys get the Greenlight.

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