Mac Users Get Wargames – European Escalation


January 17, 2013 by khrisgolder

Wargame European EscalationHeads up real-time strategy game fans/Mac users. There is another sweet war strategy game coming your way. Focus Home Interactive recently released a Mac version of their real-time strategy game entitled WarGame: European Escalation.

The game has been downloaded by over a hundred thousand PC users. Just take a look at the Mac download trailer for Wargames – European Escalation

Wargames is a product of Focus Home Interactive. Focus has actually been around for a while. They are the same cool cats that brought us dozens of titles including acclaimed Indie titles like Sherlock Holmes and reckless XBox 360 titles like Blood Bowl. What? Blood Bowl was awesome! Unfortunately, the XBox 360 version of Blood Bowl had a few shortcomings compared to the PC version, but it was still super fun.

Focus Home Interactive had their minds on the gamers who already purchased the game. The best part about the Mac release of Wargames – European Escalation is that owners of the PC version are going to be eligible for a free Mac download. If only more developers offered this deal, gamers wouldn’t be so worried to crossover. In fact, think about how many people would own a Wii-U right now if all our previously purchased software titles came with rights to transfer to a new console.

Pipe dreams aside, Wargames: European Escalation is now available for PC and Mac; Mac version is free with a previous purchase of the PC version. Its good to find great real-time strategy games, and better when they’re also available on Mac.

One thought on “Mac Users Get Wargames – European Escalation

  1. There are definitely not enough good strategy games out there for the Mac….Great to see Wargame join the platform! Thanks for the news! Also, Eugen Systems developed the game using then publisher Focus Interactive.


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