Massachusetts Joins Misguided Video Game Smear Campaign

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January 14, 2013 by khrisgolder

Mayor Robert DolanRobert Dolan, Mayor in Massachusetts, is just weeks away from launching a brand new anti-video game buyback program. Any sort of violent video games, toys, and even movies are going to be eligible for the buyback program. The reward: coupons for things like Get Out of Homework Free cards. According to, the mayor decided to start the program after the Newtonn, Conn school shooting. These sorts of programs serve little purpose, but are always a great way to stir up unnecessary trouble.

Let’s get real. If I were these students, I would get my hands on dozens of copies of the most M rated games in the bargain bin and sail my way to midterms homework free. Unfortunately, Mayor Dolan’s heart is in the right place, but his sights are miles away from the real problem.

On his video game buyback plan, Mayor Dolan said, “We know that if they were to take away all these things there would still be bad people doing bad things, but… maybe we could foster some real discussion and some action on our violent society ‘cuz we know something’s broken.”

As the old saying goes: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Taking away video games, movies, and toys that are deemed too violent won’t stop tragedies from happening. Whenever someone mentions this absurd solution, they tend to forget about the giant elephant in the room: the millions of mild-mannered, respectful, well-balanced members of society who happen to run a kill/death ratio of 4 to 1 on Black Ops II.

If recorded history has taught us anything, it is that repressing and stifling is bad news bears. It deeply offends those who become subject to the ridiculous notion that shared interests or hobbies are at the root cause of these despicable crimes, and that these choice interests and hobbies should be used to categorize an entire group of people with a handful of disturbed individuals responsible for acting of their own accord.

Anyone thinking about jumping on this bandwagon of campaigning against video games should make sure to grab the reins and steer it in the right direction. Education should always come before discrimination. Giving a kid the incentive of getting out of homework to point blame at something else is just about the worst message of all.

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