25 Ways to Tell if You Are a True Gamer


January 11, 2013 by khrisgolder

Broken ControllerEditor’s note: Tony the Gamer Dad stopped by GamerCheese again. This time he wanted to call everyone out on some of our notorious habits. Thanks a lot, Tony! Now everybody knows how to spot us!

With the release of games for both I-Phones and Facebook flooding the market, the sheer amount of people playing games has exploded. By definition, anyone who plays a game could be considered a “gamer” even if flinging birds at pig’s houses is nothing like slaying dragons across the land of Skyrim. To help you figure out if you’re a “True” Gamer — or just a poser — I put together this list of the best ways to know if you are a true gamer. Feel free to comment and add to the list. Also, be aware, some things may not apply to you simply because you’re too young to have experienced it. Don’t fret, I’m sure there are plenty of things you consider part of being a “True” Gamer that I’m too old to even understand.

25 Ways to Tell if You Are a True Gamer

#25: Whenever your game messes up… your first instinct is to take it out and blow on it.

#24: You refused to stop playing that crappy Aquaman game because you paid for it, and damn it, you’re going to beat it!Aquaman_1

#23: You knew the Mario Bros. before they were Super.

#22: After killing a monster in Skyrim, you try to teabag it.

#21: You still can’t believe Samus is a woman.

#20: You loved Angry Birds back when it was called Crush the Castle.

#19: When you see a tornado, your first thought is “Who blew the warp whistle?”Link Whistle

#18: After hearing cod is on sale at the grocery store, you wonder when it started selling games.

#17: You can pronounce Pwn.

#16: All you know about WW2 you learned from Medal of Honor.Medal of Honor

#15: You run faster with a knife.

#14: You see less sunlight than a half blind owl.

#13: You’re always late for dinner because you need to reach the next save point.Resident Evil Typewriter

#12: You plan your vacations around launch dates.

#11: You paid more for your computer set-up than your car.

#10: Your idea of going out and playing with friends is a lan party.

#9: You actually know where the phrase “Boom! Headshot!!” came from.Unreal Tournament

#8: Being called a noob is the worse insult you could receive.

#7: You make fun of WOW players.

#6: Your heroes are Fatal1ty and Billy Mitchell.

#5: You beat the second quest in the original Legend of Zelda.

#4: You can’t remember your locker combination, but you know the Konami Code by heart.

#3: You actually fought the Great Puma in Pro Wrestling.

#2: You remember when Sonic games were fun.Sonic Awesomeness

#1: You paid to see The Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Doom,  Silent Hill, Tomb Raider movies at the theater…just to complain how much they changed things.

One thought on “25 Ways to Tell if You Are a True Gamer

  1. khrisgolder says:

    I’m proud and ashamed that I’m guilty of most this list.

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