Edik Zykov Tells GamerCheese About His Acclaimed Thriller

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December 27, 2012 by khrisgolder

Slenders Woods TitleEdik Zykov, Russian developer and creator of Slender’s Woods, tells GamerCheese what inspired the game, and what he plans to do with his growing fan base.

Khris Golder: Slender’s Woods has received good reviews on Desura. How does it feel to have a well-received Indie horror game?

Edik Zykov: Slender’s Woods is practically my first full-length indie project and the amount of good feedback surprised me. It feels great to see many people enjoying the game and it gives me a lot of motivation to work on my future projects.

KG: Do you plan on trying to move the game from Desura to other platforms?

Edik Zykov: Slender’s Woods is also available at Indie DB. I’m not sure where else I can post my game, and to be honest, I don’t feel like I need too. My future projects will also be posted at Indie DB and Desura, but I also have plans to open a website for the future game.

KG:  Great to know. What gave you the idea for the game?

Edik Zykov: The idea came from a popular horror game called Slender, which was released back in the summer of 2012. This game really impressed me and gave me an inspiration to make my own horror project based on (the) Slender man character. I really liked the concept of being stalked by a paranormal creature in the dark woods and I respect the developer of Slender for making such amazing game.

Slenders Woods 1Of cource I didn’t want to copy Slender, so I went in a different direction. Instead of collecting 8 pages like in Slender to win, in Slender’s Woods player has to explore the locations, find different items, read notes and even fight slender man at the end. The game also features a proper storyline and a full-length soundtrack.

KG: What is the next project that you are working on, and can you give us some pictures or explain what it is about?

Edik Zykov: Unlike Slender’s Woods, my next project will be more personal. Instead of making a game based on someone else’s concept, I’m planning to come up with my own ideas. It’s gonna be a horror game again, but it will be more surrealistic and abstract. The inspiration for the game comes from my favorite music and films. That’s all I can say for now.

KG: That’s enough to keep us on our toes, but we’ll be checking back in with you as soon as you have some more updates for us! What are some of your favorite survival horror games? Did any of these games inspire your work on Slender’s Woods?

Edik tells GamerCheese The Penumbra Series helped inspire Slender's Woods

Edik tells GamerCheese The Penumbra Series helped inspire Slender’s Woods

Edik Zykov: I’m a big fan of Penumbra series. I also like a lot of indie horror games, including SCP 087, SCP Containment Breach and Slender. These games inspired me a lot, especially Slender. I also want to mention other sources of inspiration, such as the Evil Dead movie series and the music of my favorite bands, such as Blue Oyster Cult.

KG: All hail Evil Dead! The only thing that movie could have used was more cowbell. Thanks for stopping by, Edik! We look forward to playing your next project!

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