Nerd Rage Creator Andy Kluthe Grills GamerCheese

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November 27, 2012 by khrisgolder

Andy Kluthe, Creator of Nerd Rage Comics and Dorkly contributor, stopped by GamerCheese to talk about life, games, art, and why he’s awesome.

Khris Golder: Where are you from? Do you like it there?

Andy Kluthe: I was born, raised, and still-live-in Collinsville, IL (except for the parts of my life where I lived in Savannah, GA).  Yeah, I like it here!  We have, uh, a giant ketchup bottle.

KG: That sounds epic, if you love giant French fries. Now that we’re on the topic of things that don’t exist, do you believe in a Half-Life 3 being released in our lifetime?

Andy Kluthe: I want to believe (laughs).  Half-Life is one of my favorite game franchises, and I’d like to see that story get its conclusion.  I have a feeling Valve will release it when it’s ready.   And that may not be until we see a follow-up to Source.

KG: How long have you been a gamer, and how long have you been hilariously cartooning all of our beloved, iconic gaming characters?

Andy Kluthe: I suppose when I was in kindergarten or so we got a hand me down NES, which quickly led to my family getting a SNES.  So I’ve been gaming for about as long as I can remember.  I’ve been drawing longer than that, though. I’ve pretty much always had an interest in art.

KG: What does Andy Kluthe do for work and play (outside of your awesome artwork)?

Andy Kluthe: Art is my work!  I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.  Once a week you can see a new strip on Nerd Rage and, generally, one new strip over at Dorkly.

For play, I suppose this might come as a shock, but I play games.  Watch TV.  Hang out with friends.  I have an assortment of action figures, as my occasional reviews indicate.  The usual nerd stuff, I suppose.

KG: Way to break the stereotype! Do you have any personal favorite comic strips?

Andy Kluthe: I mostly read web comics.  Penny-Arcade, Awkward Zombie, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.  I used to read a lot of VG Cats, but their update schedule is pretty erratic.  Nedroid and Hark a Vagrant are good.  Cyanide and HappinessPvPTwo Guys and Guy.

I’m just listing off the top of my head, there’s too many good comics for me to recommend.  A very special shout out to Tyson Hesse’s Boxer Hockey and Yale Stewart’s JL8.  Both great comics being run by my former roommates.  Everyone should especially be reading those two.

KG:  We’ll definitely check those out! As far as your strips are concerned, who are your favorite characters to sketch?

Andy Kluthe: As far as favorite characters, I’m assuming answering with my own characters is pretty boring.  I like when I get a chance to draw Nintendo’s characters.  The Mario cast, Pokemon.  Mega Man characters are always fun to draw.  One of the scripts I optioned for Dorkly was chosen entirely because it meant I got to draw Gabe Newell.

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KG: Have you considered a video game version of your two main characters? Has anyone approached you to develop it yet? If not, what’s wrong with people?

Andy Kluthe: We’ve, uh, kinda kicked around the idea of making a game, but nothing too serious.  I think if there’s a really good idea for it, it’ll happen, but there’s nothing in the books at the moment… I like that idea!

KG: Between the web series Nerd Rage, Dorkly, and your DeviantArt gallery, you have a decent portfolio as an artist. As impressive as these are, when does the real project begin?

Andy Kluthe: Right now I’m working hard to keep Nerd Rage running and regularly illustrating for Dorkly.  Before Nerd Rage I had a print comic I sold at conventions, but sales on that were pretty mild so it’s only 1 issue long.

I’d like to collect Nerd Rage into a book at some point in the future, maybe now that I’ve got a hundred strips under my belt, but if I do that I don’t want to just print out what’s available on the web and bind it together.  I’d really like there to be some extra, new material.

KG: Are there any games you consider sacred enough to place on a pedestal, anything kept away from your merciless cartooning?

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Andy Kluthe: Not really.  They’re just comics, so I don’t see it as an insult if I do a comic about a particular franchise I like.  Most of the comics I end up drawing are either from things that just make people mad or franchises I really love.  Sometimes a little of both.  Metroid is one of my favorite franchises (and Super Metroid is one of my favorite games, period), but that hasn’t stopped me from using Samus as, uh, kind of a punching bag.

KG: Do you have any questions for me?

Andy Kluthe: What’s your favorite game?  What’s your favorite color? What’s the next big thing for Gamer Cheese?  What’s it like being interviewed in an interview you’re giving?

KG: My world is upside down! The game I could probably play forever is Tetris. My favorite color is blue+red, I just wish they had a name for it. The next big thing for GamerCheese would be GamerCheese 2: The Secret of the Ooze. Thanks for stopping by, Andy!

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