Borderlands 2: Top 10 Funniest Quotes

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November 27, 2012 by khrisgolder

There are countless funny quotes from Borderlands 2. Check out the funniest ones we heard. Stay tuned as we run through the Borderlands 2 DLC to bring you more!

“One time I killed crawmermax with my pinky toe. No big deal.” –Extra at the bar

“Wanna hear the new dub step song I wrote? Wub-wub-wub…” –Claptrap

“I has also invited Princess Fluffybutt, which had gozungaz like wouldn’t belieeeeve!” –Tiny Tina

“Feel free to get some crumpets along the way. Crumpets are crunk!” –Tiny Tina

“Climb the pipe to the train. Or you’ll go insane. Wut wut. That’s the rap song I wrote.” –Tiny Tina

“Welcome to die! How are you?” –Goliath

“I got so tired of standin’ around. I wish somebody would move me around.” –Axton, if left idle

“That’s my favorite part of these trips really. Not getting followed and ambushed.” –Bagman, right before getting followed and ambushed.

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