Wreck-it Ralph’s Greatest Cameos & Appearances

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November 19, 2012 by khrisgolder

Warning: Semi-Spoilers for anyone who wants to be utterly surprised.

Wreck-it Ralph was among one of the best video game-themed films to date. Impressively, the pixelated star power merely provided a backdrop for the completely original cast of characters. Regardless, it still tickled the gamer inside to see the familiar faces and references. Here are the top ten greatest Wreck-it Ralph cameos and references.

Altered Beast & Neff

Neff, in his truest form, is one of the featured villains in the Bad-anon focus group. Not to mention the game’s portal in red letters still made us shout in our heads “Welcome to your doom.”

Zangief & M.Bison

Zangief was a nice touch, but Bison’s appearance was just as necessary. The duo reminded the audience it wasn’t that they couldn’t wrangle A-list game characters. They were simply sticking to the premise of the story: supporting characters — evil or good — are characters, too. Both Street Fighter villains served different purposes, and it was all done in such a subtle way. Admittedly, Bison’s lines weren’t quite as funny as Zangief’s anyway. Congrats Zangief on upstaging your fellow Street Fighter villain!

Ryu & Ken

Ryu & Ken’s air-swiping motions during casual conversation are what made their cameo truly worth it. They can also be seen in Tappers enjoying a post-sparring root beer.

   Street Fighter    Bonus Round

Towards the end credits, Wreck-it Ralph hops on the car during Ryu’s Bonus Round, making it one of the funniest things Ralph wrecks in the movie. Who couldn’t have used Ralph during those button mashing sequences?

Dr. Robotnik

It’s always nice to see Sonic, but let’s face it: Sonic has sold-out faster than… well, the fastest thing alive. Most recently, he can be seen racing around the set of a Progressive commercial. Gamers expected Sonic’s blue hawk blurring around, but it’s refreshing to see the Eggman’s wicked-mustache mug.

Q*Bert & the Gang

Everyone loves Q*Bert, but it’s been a while since anyone’s seen his face. With several jokes at his expense, Q*Bert becomes an integral piece of the story, referenced several times throughout the film. Even Jack McBrayer (Felix Jr.) throws down some ‘Q*Berteze’ of his own, which is sure to make the youngest gamers laugh without understanding the true nature of the joke. Oh, Q*Bert, we’re getting old.


Known as one of the first and longest running combatants in the Mortal Kombat tournaments, Kano made his presence during a punch-and-grab slapstickality. So much hype over Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and every other ninja in the rainbow, why not throw a bone to a guy who’s removed a spine or two.

The Metal Gear Solid Exclamation Point

Appearing for only a second of screen time, it’s still one of the greatest cameos in the flick. The Metal Gear Solid ‘!’ separated the gamers and moviegoers in one awesome moment, leaving the gamers in the crowd laughing and the movie fans asking ‘Whose footprints are these?’.

Most of us are certain Snake made a cameo, but he was just too stealthy to be seen.

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