Why I Love Mists of Panderia

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November 19, 2012 by khrisgolder

With the new expansion of Mists of Panderia, World of Warcraft has gone back to their roots. After the changes that were made in Cataclysm, Panderia is a refreshing change. The scenery is lush and inviting, the music stirring and exciting, and the new race of Panderia is simultaneously cute and dangerous. The new Pandarian skillsets are fantastic. I just started a male Panderian Monk, and I’m in love with the new challenges.

I have been playing WOW for around 4 years now, and the newest expansion is very welcome. Some of the new talent trees can be a bit confusing, but all in all, the changes are a much needed kick in WOW’s pants. The challenges are exciting, and the storyline keeps me engaged. While I’m not strictly a PVP player (I tend to do PVE), I enjoy exploring what is out there. The Asian theme is very prevalent throughout the expansion, and it does justice to the WOW series. The animators and musicians did an excellent job at creating the immersive atmosphere.

It is such a fresh start. Many WOW fans expressed their discontent with Cataclysm, to be certain. The new Mists of Panderia expansion is almost an apology letter for all of us who put so much time into the franchise. Even with a few admitted marathon sessions, I still haven’t found myself bored of it yet, and it breathed life into some of my older characters that hadn’t reached level 90.

Mists of Panderia plays like it sounds: a refreshing, eye-opening blast of fresh air. It should be interesting to see how interactions develop as my Monk goes further into his training. I’ll admit I was hyped up on MOP, and rightly so. I got my expansion when it went live and I’ve been playing ever since. Here’s to a few more awesome hours of WoW!

Opinion Piece Contributed by Teresa Phillips

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