An Intro to the Must-Have Indie Game List


November 19, 2012 by khrisgolder

The Wii-U just hit the shelves, but are we really ready to throw down a few hundred bones for a new console? It’s a travesty how so many inexpensive, quality games have gone untouched. My multiple stage plan is simple, and it works. Success is guaranteed, whether you are a console gamer or a PC gamer (stop lying iOS users, and buy yourselves a stronger, more affordable PC). Two words: Indie section.

Independent game companies have been producing gold and selling them off at aluminum prices for years. You haven’t notice because the big boys have been dominating the media. For the price of one game by EA or Activision you can get 6-10 games from smaller companies which will drastically increase your playtime-per-dollar conversion rates. You’ll also be supporting small business, creating jobs, saving the economy, bringing back the unicorns, Jackson will rise again to do one last album, and whatever other political promises I missed.

I know what you are thinking. “Jasey Drew, I don’t have a gaming PC!” No worries! There are plenty of fun and interesting games that are not resource heavy and can run on just almost any computer since 2007 (anything prior to should be referred to as “the dark ages”).

Here is the first part of a list of amazing indie games worth your purchase:

1. Breath of Death VII: The Beginning

A silly retro styled RPG featuring immense amounts of witty humor and loveable jabs at its actual old-school counterparts. BoD7 is made by California’s own Zeboyd Games. If this cheap title gets you, Zeboyd has a similar noteworthy title: Cthulhu Saves the World (need I say more). Both are available in a double-pack on Steam for about $3 and on the Xbox marketplace as well.

2. Terraria

Terraria is an open-world, action-adventure, sandbox type…. thing. Think of it as a faster paced, more intense, two dimensional, cheaper, and silly styled Minecraft that doesn’t crash you mom’s desktop if it’s not played on low. The biggest difference between Terraria and Minecraft is Terraria’s built-in battle system brings a competitive aspect without the need for a patch. I know you can fight in Minecraft, but really? Swinging your meat rectangles at each other for a half hour isn’t nearly as fun as Terraria’s skill-based system. Currently, Terraria is available on the Steam store for around 10 bones. Rumor has it that Xbox and PS3 versions are due out soon.

3. Castle Crashers

If you haven’t played this masterpiece of multiplayer fun by now, then get with the program! Behemoth went with the never-fail formula: hack, slash, repeat. It is hours of fun for about 15 USD. Don’t take my word for it, ask your friends that played it years ago when it came out, just be prepared to feel like an idiot for letting it pass you by.

Say hello to these good buys! Still not sure if you should hit these titles up? Contact me, and I’ll bite the bullet for you. Stay tuned for more installments in the Must-Have Indie Game List!

Contributed by Jasey Drew

One thought on “An Intro to the Must-Have Indie Game List

  1. bcbowes says:

    Class! Can’t wait to see the rest.

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